Long Weekend

I wish I was referring to a holiday spent vacationing in my hometown or somewhere relaxing but that would have to be shelved for another time (and another post).

Last Friday, I went to Cubao after work to buy something to wear to Varian and Jules’ wedding. My old pair of black leathers already has a hole in the right shoe and I shouldn’t be wearing them since the rainy season is almost, if not, upon us. I also needed a shirt since I can’t go in my favorite orange and blue checkered polo with the theme being pastel green. What’s scarier is that I’ll be braving the shopping malls alone as I am without my trusted fashion stylists. But it was something that had to be done. As soon as I stepped off the jeepney, I was relieved to see that there was a payday sale in Ali Mall. I only had to pray that there was a Rusty Lopez in there because I wasn’t sure and it was what Kuya Dan ordered as prescription when I asked him. And there it was, right next to F&H and without a single shopper inside. I had the whole store to myself so the attendant gave me his 100% attention. I was losing heart when I didn’t see anything that I liked in the first two racks. They were either ‘not my style’ (whatever that meant) or too expensive. Lo and behold, a gorgeous pair was waiting for me at the third rack and I knew that it was what I needed. A few minutes later, I walked out of the store with a Rusty Lopez paper bag containing the shoes I bought and a huge smile on my face. Out of joy or relief, I’m not entirely sure.

The shirt proved to be a more difficult challenge and I didn’t see anything worthwhile in my current location so I transferred to SM Cubao. Experience has taught me to resort to this venue when I’m in a wardrobe pinch. True enough, I went to the Men’s Wear section and chanced upon the Dansen selection and found what I was looking for. There was even an orange polo that seemed to shout at me, “Buy Me”. However, reason overcame indulgence so I settled for what I came for plus a white V-neck undershirt which I have dubbed as the Zac Efron shirt. After that, I went to the Acoustic Night Life which ended by 11pm. I hitched a ride with Ate LV because we live in the same house. I helped her park the car which took us around 15-30 minutes. I’m not even joking.

The next day we had a prayer meeting in the morning and I spent the remaining time afterwards rehearsing the songs we were supposed to sing at the wedding. Ariane and I had to do these well-loved duets (The Gift by Jim Brickman and Olivia Newton-John, At The Beginning by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis) but we haven’t practiced the songs together. It turns out that we weren’t able to sing them at the celebration. Nevertheless, we had fun with the newlyweds and a few Destiny people who were there for the occasion.

Sunday was Back To Church day and we were launching the Guest Relations Committee headed by my leader, Mike, and his wife, Cor (who also happened to be my 3rd cousin). Anyway, it was fun getting to meet, greet and serve our VIPs. We did a pretty good job but we also realized some things to improve in the team and the way we are supposed to run the committee. With regards to my people, I was aiming for 7 new people in our LG for this month. But yesterday, 8 new guys came to church! It’s amazing how God works when you serve Him gladly. By the way, Destiny RAGE did an awesome job with their production. I’m excited for what the next few Sundays will hold. It’s great to be home.


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