Movie Review: Minions (Spoilers Alert)

The Minions get their own movie!
The Minions get their own movie!

Whenever people ask me if Minions was a good movie, I say, ‘It was fun.’

Honestly, there’s no other way to describe it. You’ll laugh and find the yellow dudes cute. Geoffrey Rush could give Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson a run for their money as Best Narrator. It was even cool watching Sandra Bullock be a villain for a change albeit as an animated character. But the film just feels forced. Illumination Entertainment knew that Gru’s henchmen are cash cows. It has its moments. The evolution at the beginning and the introduction of Gru towards the end gave us some background. However, they’re not enough to salvage the lack of relevant plot rampant in the prequel.

I really wish there was more I could say but that’s about it. Children and kids at heart will surely enjoy this. But don’t expect a lot of story or you’ll be thoroughly disappointed. Having said that, I still wish they would make Despicable Me 3 because people will want to see more of the minions.


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