Movie Review: Ant-Man (Spoilers Alert)

Marvel's marketing team are geniuses!
Marvel’s marketing team are geniuses!

At first, I was skeptical about Marvel’s choice to end Phase 2 of their cinematic universe with Ant-Man. The comic book hero was a B-lister to already B-listers Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. But the studio has again proved that they can make franchises out of seemingly unconventional characters.

Meet Hank Pym – arguable the smartest man on the planet. He created the Pym Particle which decreases the distances between atoms. This scientific breakthrough allowed him to become the Ant-Man. He can carry out special military operations without detection thanks to his ability to shrink to the size of an insect. However, Hank realizes the potential chaos this technology can wreak if it falls into the wrong hands so he buries his formula and goes into retirement.

Enter Darren Cross, Hank’s former protege. Ever since his mentor left Pym Technologies, he endeavored to recreate the formula that could produce minuscule agents of war. When he was close to doing so, Hope, Hank’s daughter, seeks his help to stop Cross. She maintains her guise as Darren’s trusted associate while devising a plan with her father to prevent the technology from going to the highest bidder.

Scott Lang is an ex-convict looking for a chance at redemption. He aims to provide for his daughter and gain custody but his prison record leaves him jobless. Desperate to make some money, he turns to crime once more and crosses paths with Dr. Pym. He gives him the opportunity to steal the Ant-Man suit and the chance to become a hero by aiding their plan to destroy the Yellowjacket program.

The film is unique compared to other Marvel productions. It’s a heist (similar to Ocean’s Eleven) with Honey, I Shrunk The Kids elements. Plus, don’t forget that it’s a comic book adaptation. The action sequences are amazing especially Ant-Man’s fight with Falcon. To reference Pietro Maximoff, ‘I didn’t see that coming.’ Of course, if it’s Marvel, then it’s all connected. Let me give you a list of the my favorite tie-ins with the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe:

4.) Wasp
In the movie, Hank tells us the story of how his wife, Janet Van Dyne, died. This moment was gut-wrenching as you can sense his pain from what happened and from keeping it a secret to their daughter. You see, Janet also used her husband’s technology and suited up as Wasp. After a mission leaves them no choice but to go sub-atomic (smaller than an atom), the Mrs. did not hesitate to turn off her regulator and was lost. But that’s not the end of it. The mid-credit scene showed Dr. Pym unraveling a new Wasp suit to his daughter saying that he and his wife unknowingly made it for her. Having said that, we’ll definitely see Evangeline Lily become Wasp in future Marvel films.

3.) Quantum Realms
Magic is also science in the Marvel Universe. We already heard news about a Doctor Strange film being done with Benedict Cumberbatch cast as the Sorcerer Supreme. Wanda Maximoff already gave us a taste of what we can expect with the supernatural. But I’m still curious as to how Marvel will deal with this kind of material. They did great on the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man will exceed everyone’s expectations so experience will tell us that we’re in for a wild but fun ride.

2.) Spider-Man
I was really hoping for a mid-credit or post-credit scene but I understand that the studio probably didn’t have much time. But it’s official! Our favorite webhead got the green light to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he was subtly referenced in a conversation with Falcon towards the end of Ant-Man. It was described that there are heroes that jump, that swing and that crawl. I don’t think any other hero fits this description perfectly than Spider-Man. I want more and we’ll probably get our first glimpse of Marvel Studios’ take on Marvel Comics’ flagship character in…

1.) Civil War
Marvel has been setting up this storyline since Avengers with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark on opposing sides. This movie’s post-credit scene surely gave us some clues as we see a apparently captured Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) along with Cap and Falcon discussing if they should tell Tony. They decide not to and it seems that they needed a person to sneak into somewhere. Sam Wilson then says that he knows a guy which obviously means Ant-Man. I’m currently reading the Civil War comics and, while it’s dissimilar to what Marvel is cooking in the cinematic universe, I’m excited to see more hero-against-hero action. There’s no right or wrong this time and the fans will be torn between two perspectives although there might be more on Captain America’s side because it is his movie after all. We’ll just have to wait and see where the chips fall.

There you have it! Have you watched Ant-Man yet? If yes, what’s your favorite bit about the movie? As always, leave your comments below and let’s keep the hype train rolling.


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