Review: Singin’ In The Rain (Spoilers Alert)

The play closely resembles the movie it is based on.
The play closely resembles the movie it is based on.

We were supposed to be in Thailand with our pastors and fellow staff. But because we didn’t get our passports on time, Ate Pau, Bem, Jocen, and I were left behind. The office was unusually quiet especially without Bianca, Rache’s baby. Come Friday, our pastors decided to treat us to a night at Solaire Resort and Casino’s Theatre to watch Singin’ In The Rain. The Broadway musical is based on the 1952 film starring Gene Kelly.

Going in, I was excited because I haven’t seen a play since Karrel Marquez’ High School Musical in SM North Edsa. This musical trumps it in every way imaginable. The cast was amazing and the production superb! But what wowed me the most was the orchestra. Maybe it’s because I am musically-inclined but the scoring was just on another level that night. We even thought the music was canned because the band was hidden. The songs also gave you that feeling that you were in that particular era.

The story revolved around Don Lockwood and his studio, Monumental Pictures. It was set during the time that silent pictures were the biggest thing in Hollywood and the talking pictures were just being introduced. Don was a star paired with another celebrity, Lina Lamont, and their love team was a hot commodity. They were even rumored to be getting married. But Mr. Lockwood can’t stand Ms. Lamont and he’s just in it because he loves his job. However, trouble arises when The Jazz Singer, the first talking picture, makes waves in the cinema industry and their outfit is forced to adapt to the change. There’s just one problem – Lina’s voice sounds annoying. To make matters worse, their boss wants to outdo the competition by transforming one of their films into a musical – The Dancing Cavalier.

Enter Kathy Selden. One night while trying to evade his adoring fans, Don meets Kathy and is immediately smitten with her. They meet again at a party hosted by his company. When he loses her again, he begins to search for her all over town until he finds her in another production. They fall in love and she helps him save The Dancing Cavalier by agreeing to be the voice of Lina Lamont. However, Lina wanted to continue the ruse although it was clear that Kathy was only doing one movie as a favor to Don. Ms. Lamont’s secret is exposed when the crowd hears her speech and asks her to sing.

It was nice to be transported back to a time when things were very much different. I can’t imagine living on silent pictures and wearing a suit every single day. I’m so thankful to be born in this period of history. You can’t relate with some of the elements of the film but there are still themes which are relevant today like change and progress. With that being said, I am excited to watch other plays like Wicked, Les Miserables, and The Phantom of the Opera. I am even hoping that I get to watch them in London.


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