Pass It On

Credit goes to Christ’s Commission Fellowship’s Facebook Page

I know I’m falling further behind with my entries but I have to blog about my experience at this year’s Global Discipleship Congress. GDC2016 was hosted by Christ’s Commission Fellowship. The annual summit was held at their center near Tiendesita’s between January 27-30. The speakers included CCF Senior Pastor Peter Tan-Chi and renown apologist Ravi Zacharias.

Ps Philip Romulo’s work in South Korea prevented him from attending the conference and Ps Zhaleen Panlilio decided that I should use his registration since it’s already been paid by the church. While the fact that I was able to attend such a gathering was already overwhelming, I was more amazed at the stuff I learned from such high-caliber men.

This year’s theme was Pass It On and all sessions helped support that message. A lot of those who attended were people in the later stages of their lives including those who spoke. They want to pass on what they have acquired to the next generation. Amazingly, several of them dealt with the basics of Christianity – prayer, reading the Bible, and reaching others. It coincided with Destiny Church – Manila’s season of mastering what we already know.

Edmund Chan kicked things off Wednesday night. The quote above was taken from his message and it seriously got me thinking about my legacy to those who are following me. Sam Chand is a revelation to me. He’s a polar opposite to Ravi and I really laughed a lot during his talks. But when he shared, you knew that he knows what he’s talking about. I especially love his session about culture which reminded me of the things we already discussed in church plus more. He even gave several of his e-books for free!

Of course, it was Ravi Zacharias I anticipated greatly. His talks have always tickled my brain. True enough, his first session last Thursday had me reaching for my dictionary right away. However, beyond the quotable lines, Ravi is a man who loves God. His knowledge is only amplified by his devotion to the One who gave him wisdom.

The conference really helped me grow as a leader. I still have a long way to go but I have Jesus with me plus the support of people whom I follow. This year just keeps getting better!


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