Music Review: Here As In Heaven album by Elevation Worship

Here As In Heaven
Your kingdom come, Your will be done

Track List:

  1. Here As In Heaven
  2. Grace Like A Wave
  3. Call Upon The Lord
  4. O Come To The Altar
  5. Resurrecting
  6. Evidence
  7. Shine A Light
  8. Yahweh
  9. I Can’t Believe
  10. First And Only
  11. Praise Goes On
  12. Hold On To Me
  13. For A Moment

I waited for this album for a long time and, thanks to Spotify, I was able to listen to it as soon as it came out. The wait was definitely worth it!

Here As In Heaven is turning out to be one of my favorite albums of all-time and that list includes the likes of Lifehouse’s No Name Face, Jeff Deyo’s Unveil, and Passion’s Sacred Revolution. The replay-ability is off the charts as I’ve been playing it on repeat for more than a week since it hit the stands. While I love all the songs, I’m particularly attached to Resurrecting, Evidence, First And Only, I Can’t Believe, and Here As In Heaven. When I first heard worship leader Chris Brown sing, ‘The atmosphere is changing now, For the Spirit of the Lord is here, The evidence is all around, That the Spirit of the Lord is here’, I knew instantly that it was going to be a great album. I can’t wait to sing some of the songs in church!

What I like the most about Elevation Worship is that they share their resources online. You can find the lyrics, chords, and even the backing tracks they used for the whole album on their website. You need to create an account to access them but that’s just a small inconvenience compared to the wealth of knowledge you’re going to get. Ps Steven Furtick and his church  are not against sharing what they have and I think that is one of the reasons why they are where they are right now. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re based in North Carolina and their membership is at around 20,000. The awesome part is that Steven is only 35 years old!

Going back to the album, it’s an amazing journey into the presence of God. But it doesn’t stop there! As exhibited in the song Evidence, it encourages people to move. From darkness to light, from death to life, and, my favorite, from dread to expectation – it pushes us to go out in faith and bring His presence to those who need it. As Ps Furtick adequately put it, ‘We’re not waiting on a move of God. We are a move of God!’ The believer grows deeper in his/her relationship with the Lord and empowered to go out and reach the unreached.


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