The men said, “Why are you looking for the Living One in a cemetery? He is not here, but raised up.” – Luke 24, The Message

For three days, heaven and earth stood still
As hell celebrated; a God, their kill!
Angels confused and asking, ‘Why?’
The Father’s Son, Jesus, they allowed to die

But after a while, He rose again
A feat unfamiliar to the world of men
The grave was a temporary container
For His ultimate display of power

Now those who are dead come back to life
Those in darkness can see the light
Slaves finally receive their freedom
Because the King has established His kingdom

Now all have hope and reason to live
As long as to Him our lives we give
I hope that you discovered from this writer
Why we celebrate this Sunday as Easter


2 Comments Add yours

  1. AJ says:

    This is so awesome kuya.

    1. ejdelosreyes says:

      Thank you, AJ! 🙂

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