Top 10 Favorite Captain America: Civil War Moments *Spoilers Alert*

Hi, everyone! Welcome me back to the world of blogging.

If you haven’t watched the blockbuster movie of the summer (in the United States), shame on you! I’ve watched it twice and I would’ve seen it some more if only movie tickets grew on trees.

Anyway, those who read my No Spoiler review of the film know that I love this sequel to the Captain America franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s filled with unforgettable moments of action, emotion, and even humour. That’s why I’m opting to list my Top 10 favourite moments from the movie instead of doing a spoiler-filled critique. Without any further ado, these are the scenes that stole the show for me (in no particular order):

1. The Airport Battle

Let’s get rid of the obvious, shall we? Arguably the best action sequence in history, the epic face-off between #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan at the airport delivers almost fifteen minutes of non-stop action infused with witty dialogue. There are so many highlights in this sequence that it warrants a list of its own. I have to go with Spider-Man’s entrance and his ownage of Falcon and Winter Soldier simply because of the Spider-Fan in me.

2. The Painful Truth

The most gut-wrenching moment in the film is in its final few minutes when Tony Stark learns that Bucky was the one who killed his parents. As if that wasn’t painful enough, Steve Rogers admits that he knew all along. Iron Man goes berserk and is only stopped when his arc reactor gets smashed. Only time will tell if the Armored Avenger has forgiven both Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

3. Captain America: The Raid

Because of The Raid’s success, Hollywood directors have copied the action sequences in that film. Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil is one fine example. But add the apartment scene where the government is trying to arrest Bucky to the list of The Raid-inspired fights. However, what Civil War has that’s lacking from The Raid is the introduction of Black Panther. Wakanda’s protector shows up to kill not just capture the Winter Soldier. That chase through the tunnel was awesome as well!

4. The Flex

A lot of people have criticised the part when Steve Rogers holds down with his bare hands a helicopter piloted by Bucky Barnes. Now, the issue of whether the way he held onto the rail is more painful or not is a subject better discussed in another place. But both times I saw the movie, people cheered when this scene happened. How cool is that!

5. Queens

As soon as that flashed on the screen, I let out a big whoop because I knew what’s going to happen next. Tony visits Aunt May and Peter Parker to recruit the teenager into his cause (the Pro-Registration side). At first, the boy tries to hide the fact that he has superpowers but you can’t fool a genius like Stark. They really nailed the character of Spider-Man and that gets me excited for his first solo film in the MCU next year. Only a few months left, people!

6. Something’s Cooking

I must admit that I’m not really a fan of the Vision-Scarlet Witch tandem. But it was fun seeing their awkward romance on the silver screen. For those who don’t read the comics, these two actually become a couple and even have children together. I don’t know how they’re going to develop their love story but sign me up for more awkwardness!

7. I’m A Fan

No, I’m not referring to Spider-Man’s admission that he’s a fan of Captain America. Just before the big battle, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Wanda Maximoff rendezvous with the rest of #TeamCap. But it’s not only them that joins the ranks of the Anti-Registration side. Scott Lang goes along for the ride and gushes over Steve Rogers in their first meeting. It was funny but it also shows how the Captain is viewed by the rest of the superheroes. He’s an icon among icons!

8. Operation Crossbones

It’s a bit disappointing that Frank Grillo’s character was confined to the first few minutes of the film. But I guess the conflict between teammates is big enough for him to have a major part in it. Nevertheless, the mission to capture him at the beginning is also amazing. Black Widow’s action sequences were intense. Falcon’s Red Wing is also seen for the first time. The best part, though, is Scarlet Witch boosting Captain America’s jump. I know it was already shown prior to it showing in theaters. It’s still awesome!

9. Welcome To Wakanda

Finally, we get a glimpse of the fictional African nation ruled by T’Challa. I’m anxious to see how things play out since Bucky is there hibernating and Cap’s Secret Avengers probably making it their base of operations. I don’t know much about the Black Panther character but Marvel definitely knows what they’re doing.

10. The Funeral

You probably did not expect this but I enjoyed this moment immensely. I’m not talking about Peggy Carter dying and being buried but the eulogy her niece, Sharon, gave at the ceremony. Some of those lines were taken straight out of the comics but were spoken by Captain America. In the movie, it might seem relatively unimportant but it’s when Steve Rogers decides to not sign the Sokovia Accords thus drawing the line between Avengers members who are in favour of registration and those against it.

It’ll be a while before we line up for another Marvel movie as Doctor Strange won’t hit theaters until November. But with Avengers: Infinity War looming on the horizon, we know that things will escalate pretty soon.


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