They did more than just talk about worship.

I was supposed to blog about this experience last Saturday but I was too tired when I got home. But although I was drained physically, my soul overflowed with gladness because the Lord has given me breakthrough.

Prior to the event, I was expectant that God would do amazing things. That He did and more. The whole convention reminded me of things I seem to have forgotten but also gave me new stuff to ponder. The first session alone with Ps Edith Mendoza was something else. She is super anointed and you could tell in how she ministers that she loves the Lord and she has been through a lot. There’s a holy jealousy in my heart for her anointing and spiritual authority. Too bad, she left immediately after her preaching. I really wanted to ask her to pray for me.

Ps Al Termulo of CROSSWorld was also there and he shared on Worship 911. He believes that worship is in danger and we need to restore the fallen tent of David. Ps Ernie Palacio’s childlike heart and stories endeared him to everyone in attendance. Ps Jaren Lapasaren talked a bit on Ephesians. The live recording sessions were just bonuses to everything that happened. Ps Rommel and Susan Guevara did an amazing job hosting the event and I look forward to the next one in October 15 where my pastor, Leo Carlo Panlilio, is one of the speakers.

I’ve been a part of Destiny Church – Manila’s Worship Team since 2002. I know I still have a long way to go in the area of leading worship. But seeing these men and women minister really humbled me. It was heartbreaking. However, it was also inspiring because I serve the same God.


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