Thank You, Tim Duncan!

Tim Duncan
The Big Fundamental is officially retired.

After the Michael Jordan era ended, I looked for other NBA players to cheer for. There was a time that I was all about Kevin Garnett. I also cheered for Vince Carter. Nowadays, Stephen Curry makes me want to tune in to the league as often as I can. But though I had my eye on these guys, there’s one player whom I have utmost respect for all these years. No, it’s not Kobe Bryant (sorry, Lakers fans). Of course, I’m referring to Tim Duncan.

Five NBA titles, three Most Valuable Player awards, fifteen All-Star Game appearances, fifteen All-Defensive Team awards, and fifteen All-NBA Team awards. 47,368 minutes played, 26,496 points, 15,091 rebounds, 4,225 assists, 3,020 blocks in 1,392 regular season games. Let’s not even talk about his NBA playoffs numbers! The dude is a poster boy for efficiency. He led the San Antonio (the only team he’s ever played for) to a 71% winning percentage. Since his arrival, his team made it to the playoffs every year and I think every NBA fan would agree that they are always in consideration to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. The best thing about Timmy is that he doesn’t have to be the highest paid player on his team or even in the league. There were times that he would take a pay cut to ensure that the Spurs would get the players they wanted to stay competitive. There is no sense of entitlement with Duncan. Every accolade he has accomplished, he has earned.

I loved watching his duels with The Big Ticket. They are two of the best Power Forwards ever but they’re so opposite. KG is known to be loud and passionate while Tim is calm and even sometimes being called robotic. I can’t believe that I won’t see them duke it out on the court one more time. I’d have to watch replays of TD’s bank shot over KG’s long arms or the latter’s fadeaway shot over the other. The NBA will never be the same without the Spurs’ #21.


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