The Fox and the Lion

There was once a Fox who had many talents. His family moved around all the time so he didn’t consider any of their former residences home. At a young age, he left their kennel and began to live in the jungle away from his parents and siblings. While the Fox knew a lot of things, he was not wise. He struggled in his new environment and was often alone. That is until he met a vixen from his ‘hometown’ in the jungle. She introduced him to the Lion. At first, he was scared because the Lion was the most majestic beast in the jungle. However, everything changed when the Lion took him under his care. The other beasts were familiar with what the Lion did and the things he would say. But he got to know the Lion, his Lioness, and their cubs and his intimidation immediately became admiration. He was in awe of who the Lion is not just because of what he did.

One of the great things about the Lion is how he would entrust some of his work to the Fox. He could do it himself and he was always excellent with his work. But he knew that there were other jungles in the world that needed his attention so the little things had to be delegated. The Fox didn’t care about sweating the small stuff. He was glad that he was able to take part in the work. He messed up sometimes and the Lion would roar at him. Amazingly, this didn’t make him want to quit. The Lion was an important figure in his life and he understood that he was not being belittled or bullied. He was being corrected and convinced that he was better than the behaviour he displayed.

In one instance, the Fox had betrayed the Lion’s trust. The Lion became angry with the Fox but he was, in fact, more disappointed. You see, the Lion believed that the Fox could do more with his life. After the incident, the Lion called for the Fox, put his massive paw on his back, and roared at him, ‘The Great Lion has given you so much talent. Don’t waste it. Show me that you’re better than this.’

The Fox was grateful to the Lion not just because he forgave his trespasses. He was thankful because there was someone who wanted him to succeed.

Happy Birthday, Kuya Carlo! The Lord knows how fortunate I am to be connected to you. Thank you for everything especially to your faith in me which is greater than my fears and failures. It is always a privilege to serve and follow you. I love you po!


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