Movie Review: Saving Sally *Spoilers Alert!*

Who wouldn’t want to save Rhian Ramos?

Like what the poster says, it is a very typical love story. A regular guy, Marty (Enzo Marcos), is in love with an extraordinary girl, Sally (Rhian Ramos). Sally needs to be rescued and Marty wants to be her knight in shining armor. Unfortunately, he shies away from admitting his feelings for her. Moreover, she meets Nick (TJ Trinidad) and becomes his girlfriend. When her overprotective stepdad and stepmom intervene, it is Marty who helps Sally and Nick continue their relationship. However, the latter turns out to be a total jerk which gives our hero a chance to confess his love for our heroine. But Sally does not know what to make of this new information and their lives begin to drift apart. Towards the end, they meet again and finally have a shot at true love.

Ramos is captivating in this film. It’s a wonder why we don’t see much of her. Her contract with GMA might explain that. Anyway, the role does not really require much heavy acting. But Rhian was able to make a character out of Sally and she is the primary reason we care so much about her. Think of Jeon Ji-Hyun’s performance in My Sassy Girl. It was comparable to that. Enzo is a breath of fresh air as I don’t think most of our actors today could pull off the nerdy best friend that well.

What probably will get your attention is the superb animation. I heard that Saving Sally took about ten years to make and it’s just beautiful. It might have a familiar story but they way it was told was breathtaking. I think I had audible gasps while watching it in the theater. How I wish that every animated feature in Philippine cinema will have that same level of excellence. The animated short before the credits rolled was also wonderful. It reminded me of The Little Prince’s story and art. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Overall, I have to give props to the team behind this film. I was a little annoyed at the fact that most of the dialogue is in English because the movie would’ve benefitted more from Tagalog lines. Then, you can just put English subtitles for foreign audiences if you really want exposure. Because of its ambitious approach to storytelling combining live action and animation in a boy-meets-girl tale, I give Saving Sally 4 out of 5 stars.


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