Movie Review: Sakaling Hindi Makarating *Spoilers Alert!*


Would you believe me if I said that it has been three weeks since I watched this movie? I have to apologize to Alessandra De Rossi, Ice Idanan, and the rest of the crew for missing out on promoting the film. Only a handful of malls gambled on showing it in their cinemas. On its first week, they featured in 25 theaters. However, they only showed up in 8 the following week. Independent films are on the rise but it needs more help. I wish more Filipinos would choose to see indie movies. I am not suggesting that we only watch our films. But we must not oversaturate ourselves with only blockbusters.

Anyway, Sakaling Hindi Makarating is a well-made movie featuring the captivating beauty of the Philippine islands. My initial thought after watching the trailer is that I have to travel to these places – Batanes, Antique, etc. I’ve already gone to several locations in the country but there’s so much more to see. While the backdrops of gorgeous sunsets and other breathtaking sceneries are a sight to behold, the story revolves around Cielo, a woman who has been struggling to recover from being left behind by the man she loves. They were engaged to be married but something happened along the way and she was picking up the pieces of her broken heart. Things escalate when she receives mysterious postcards in the mail. She believes that they came from Mark, her ex-fiancee, and she sets out on a journey to discover the truth behind them.

Aside from De Rossi who plays Cielo, the movie features the talents of Pepe Herrera. He plays Paul, her next-door neighbor who instantly develops a liking to her. Herrera is a great comedian and I was pleasantly surprised in how funny he is. Manuel, played by JC Santos, is a charismatic guy whom she meets in Antique. At first, she thinks that he might be ‘M’, the person sending the postcards. However, she realizes that they are two different people so she continues on her quest for answers.

The highlight of her adventure is the visit to Batanes where she meets Sol (Therese Malvar) and her mother, Camila (Leslie Lina). It turns out that Sol was the one who sent the letters hoping to find out who her father is and the postcards were her mother’s. Both Cielo and Sol didn’t really get what they want. However, their experience helped them move on with their lives. Most of the time, that’s what we need before we can continue on the path we are meant to tread. We might not achieve the result we desire. But the process will eventually lead us to recovery. Then, you can move towards your destiny unburdened by what you were previously chasing. I think that’s the beauty of Cielo’s tale. She risked getting hurt, which she did, but she also made progress instead of just wallowing in her despair.

I love how simple storylines help you reflect on how it relates to you. Self-discovery is the main theme and it was executed flawlessly. I am giving Sakaling Hindi Makarating 3.5 out of 5 stars. If you get a chance to watch it, I suggest that you check it out and you might be surprised at what you find.


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